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"Research of Life Science" -- 2011 Teachers' Research Area


Core competencies of medical graduates

(1) Patient Care and Clinical Skills:

To display affection, care and empathy toward patients, providing them with appropriate and effective care to resolve their health problems.

(2) Medical Knowledge:

To understand well and apply health-related knowledge in biology, psychiatry, society, ethnicity and culture, and to be well-trained in applying basic and clinical medical knowledge to process, analyze and research patient issues.

(3) Practice-Based Learning and Improvement:

To be able to evaluate current medical care and absorb scientific evidence through life-long self-learning, and apply the knowledge to the improvement of patient care and the pursuit of medical care quality excellence.

(4) Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

To develop a good interpersonal relationship and communication skills; to be able to communicate and exchange information with patients, family members, colleagues and medical teams, building team work and good listening skills, expression and empathy.

(5) Professionalism:

Demonstrate a professional attitude with responsibility, respect, discipline and affection; adhere strictly to the principles of medical ethics. Be considerate and tolerate the cultural differences in patients; be familiar and sensitive to the age, gender, racial and religious differences in patients.

(6) System-Based Practice:

Be aware of the inner-workings of healthcare systems; integrate resources to provide effective and appropriate medical care; focus on patient safety and prevent systemic errors; review medical decisions and operations; evaluate resources and reduce systemic errors.

(7) Bio-Medical Research:

Participate in bio-medical research and develop an ability to think independently, search for information and logically analyze the data that is collected; develop an ability for critical thinking.

(8) Humanities and Social Care:

To demonstrate empathy and care for the society and population; fulfill social responsibility.