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Our goal is to foster medical students to become well-developed, human-oriented, and professional physicians with devotion to medicine, empathy with patients, collaboration and responsibilities. Learning in college is the crucial period of everyone’s life, and we hope that each student of CGU School of Medicine can absorb the essence of various fields. We encourage you to keep strengthening your medical knowledge and skills. Moreover, in order to cultivate minds, practice critical thinking, and develop the ability to solve problems, we not only expect you develop interests in literature, history, philosophy, and social science but also hope you can set up your own role models to help you possess proper attitude and values.
According to the remarkable tradition of CGU School of Medicine, students have to read two books which are related to medical humanities per year in winter break and summer vacation during the first 5 years they study in the school. Students are required to give their feedbacks back after reading the books so that their reading habit and personalities can be developed.

      We encourage every student of CGU medical school to improve English proficiency spontaneously, discover lifelong habit, do regular exercises, have healthy lifestyle, and take part in extracurricular activities and volunteer services. Through these efforts, we believe that you will gain the abilities to cooperate, communicate, solve problems, improve your leadership, and then become an excellent physician. We look forward to seeing the spirit of Chang Gung University- "Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness," will keep playing very important roles in affecting your mind and keep helping you toward a successful life.